As part of the WEF’s Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy; ING, Accenture and Circle Economy are working on the development of the Circular Supply Chain Accelerator (“CiSCA”). Organizations interested in circular construction are invited to attend the CiSCA workshop.

The workshop will take place on December 6th at the LANXESS Tower, Kennedyplatz. 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany. At this opportunity, the CISCA will be presented and the feedback from practitioners will be collected to support further development.

During the last WEF meeting in Davos the kick-off of the Accelerator was announced by ING, with the first results to be shared at the next meeting in Davos in January 2019.

Since the CiSCA team is focusing its current efforts on the Infrastructure & Construction sector, the developers would like to give you a first insight in the results so far and have an interactive discussion with you, hosted by ING, Accenture, the WEF and the EC. What can you expect?

An introduction of CiSCA: what are we actually doing and why? This will lead us to an interactive exchange on the status of circular construction, dynamics in your supply chains (also with your off-taker) and what you and your peers are currently doing in this field. We observe quite some initiatives already but also collected broad input on challenges and possible enablers to a larger scale transition to circular construction. What can and should the role of a bank be in this? We’d like to share our current ideas for the solution/ accelerator with you and ask your feedback.

 We see this as a great opportunity to connect WEF communities and ensure we cooperate on interesting and important topics where possible. This involves cross-sector collaboration, but also allows you to meet peers in your industry and exchange thoughts, get inspired and ensure you’re informed first about what’s going on in your industry!

 We’d like to invite you to join us on December 6th at the LANXESS Tower, Kennedyplatz. 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany.

Please let us know if you can be there or if you would like to get more information and have an introductory call with ING & Accenture on the Circular Supply Chain Accelerator.

Further details will follow upon your confirmation. Please send you response to: 

Michael Max Buehler, Head of Infrastructure and Urban Development, World Economic Forum,

 Best regards and looking forward to your positive response, also on behalf of the WEF and EC colleagues,

 Jurriaan Coomans (Accenture) and Mayke Geradts (ING Bank)

Infrastructure and Urban Development Industry Vision 2050

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