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Slovenski gradbeni grozd

Construction Cluster of Slovenia

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After more than 10 years in active participantion in EU research and development projects, skills development project and technology transfer projects we understand the main reasons for succesful and unsuccesful implementation of commercialization of innovation.We started as a construction cluster and through transformation we developed services which could help organizations in each sector.

We offer workshops for Business model innovation, which is a new competitive advantage (including for Circular Economy and commercialization of Innovation).  We also offer our networking potential.

We seek for organizations who understand the necesity of change in rapidly changing environment, who are intended to unlock their hidden potential and explore their business models and seek for possibilities for reinvention and are willing to cooperate with independent professionals. We can help them finding sollutions to reinvent their value proposition and therefore their profit.

CCS as innovation cluster

The main goal of the CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER OF SLOVENIA, CCS (SLOVENSKI GRADBENI GROZD) is to improve domestic and international competitiveness of its members through commercial cooperation and networking, R&D and innovation, education, training and policy action. The cluster was established in 2004 by construction companies and institutions in the fields of building design, consulting, engineering, contracting and production of building materials and products. It is an Economic Interest Grouping (not-for-profit).  CSS is an open organization to all interested stakeholders in the construction sector and related technological domains.

CCS is a member of European Construction Technology Platform and of the E2B association (Energy Efficient Buildings) and Renovate Europe national supporting partner for Slovenia.

The main competences of the CCS as innovation cluster are:

  • Preparation of RTD proposals for national and EU public and private funding
  • Collaboration in RTD projects implementation, representing industry association and industry needs and expectations, and/or directly involving cluster members (industry actor) to project activities, and/or in dissemination and exploitation activities
  • EU and national R&D and innovation projects coordination and management, including costs / financial reporting
  • Coordination and management of dissemination and exploitation actions in EU funded RTD projects, consultancy and deployment of exploitation activities, technology transfer and intellectual property issues.
  • Cluster and other new collaborative organisational and business models development and implementation. Innovation management
  • National and international networking, policy actions (ECTP, E2B),

Areas of interest

Due to heterogeneity of the cluster members there is no common RTD topic or topics like industrialization, but a list of areas of interest for EU and trans-national cooperation:

  • New and renewed technologies (advanced materials and composites, road construction technologies, smart building materials, intelligent structures, new optimized construction technologies, prefabrication and automation, sustainable construction processes, intensified use of ICT in construction, building bionics and biomimetics …).
  • Sustainable buildings and construction (design, construction, retrofitting, assessment, commissioning, operation and maintenance)
  • Protection of the environment (building waste management, sustainable urban drainage systems, neutralization of harmful substances in building materials…).
  • Heritage preservation (identification of current state of heritage and planning of retrofitting priorities, consequence based approach to heritage preservation, advanced application of tradition materials and low-intrusive retrofitting techniques, energy efficiency in heritage building…).
  • Energy efficiency and renewables in buildings and districts
  • Water efficiency buildings and districts
  • Green skills and jobs development (vocational and professional training and education)
  • New business and financing models in sustainable construction and energy retrofitting and renovation /clusters, virtual organisations…
  • See also: SGG-brief presentation of Construction Cluster of Slovenia
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